5/1/10 (Dreamers)


6/22/11 (My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant by journalist José Antonio Vargas)


9/13/12 (The Great Migration 1910-1970 – US history)


1/29/13 (Immigration Reform Must Include Workers’ Rights)


2/6/13 (The Dignity Campaign’s Alternative Vision for Immigration Reform)


4/10/13 (3 things immigrant families can teach all Americans)


4/16/13 (Australia prepares for influx of people displaced by climate change)


1/18/14 -


1/27/14 (Japanese detention camps Supreme Court ruling 1944)


2/12/14 (the right not to migrate)


6/18/14 (child migrants)


7/19/14 (Climate change and immigration)


7/23/14 (immigrant labor- the economy)


8/6/14 (How to Foster Empathy for Immigrants)


8/20/14 (Dreamers)


8/22/14 – Honduras focus -


8/28/14(future of climate induced migration)


9/9/14 (child trauma Syria)


11/14/14 (El Salvador)


11/14/14 US on global map


11/19/14  (DACA)


11/27/14  US and child migration -


11/20/14 (myths) 5 Immigration Myths Debunked -






1/22/15 (Mexican Migration)


2/4/15 (detention) The Shame of America's Detention Camps


2/6/15 (free trade=migration crisis)


3/10/15 (U.N. human rights forum) asking member States to stop detaining children due to their immigration status citing to a report documenting human rights violations.




4/24/15 A Reflection of Our Barbarity:

4/30/15 (video of child migrants)



5/25/15 (sexual harassment migrant workers)


6/14/15 Hope and Despair as Families Languish in Texas Immigration Centers




7/25/15 Exclusive:


7/25/15 (Release of Immigrant Children Detained by U.S.)


8/19/15 (child detention/Clinton)


9/10/15 (Honduras) -


9/23/15 – (deportation, Pope)


9/28/15 (immigration law history and statistics); (chapter two) (chapter 3); (chapter 4); (chapter five)


10/9/15 (poet)


10/9/15 (Things refugees carry on their journey to Europe);










1/14/16 Judge: Lawsuit saying Central American migrants are held in filthy, inhumane conditions can go forward










2/16/16 (child detention)






3/5/16 (law) Can a three-year old represent herself in immigration court?


3/8/16 (migrant children in court)


3/11/16 (Syrian conflict)


3/22/16 (refugees are people not crisis)


4/5/16  (Place to donate to hire an advocate at PA detention center - law) 


4/6/16 (restrictive voting laws)


4/11/16 (ICE pressures schools)


4/11/16 (border)


4/15/16 (need to apologize to El Salvador for dirty war)


4/18/16 (Children of Syria)


4/20/16 (dark side of immigration)


4/22/16 (School of the Americas and death squads


4/22/16 (refugees in food industries)


4/24/16 Puerto Rico relation US - John Oliver – Lin-Manuel Miranda)


4/25/16 -


4/25/16 -


4/26/16 (Syrian refugees)


5/4/16 – financial report of revenue of Trousdale Turner Correctional Center (CCA) - “CCA, a publicly traded real estate investment trust (REIT), is the nation’s largest owner of partnership correctional, detention, and residential reentry facilities and one of the largest prison operators in the United States.”

5/5/16 – “United Shades of America” W.Kamau Bell -

6/1/16 (Deportation without representation: access to justice crisis for immigrant families- law)


6/9/16 (undocumented valedictorian You Tube)


6/19/16 (US role in Honduras history)

6/2016 (Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History – Labor and the Environment in Latin America)

6/23/16 – Treatment of accompanied minors -

6/30/16 -


7/4/16 (Naturalization Act of 1790)


7/9/16 (Syrian refugees)


7/11/16 (Refugee or Migrant?)


7/11/16 (refugee life in Europe- coding software)


7/17/16 -


7/25/16 (Syrian refugees struggles intensify in Turkey)


7/26/16 -


7/27/16 (refugees)


8/3/16 (Innovative responses to refugee crisis)


8/13/16 -


8/30/16 (private prison contracts)


*9/13/16 (Aviva Chomsky Deportation History)


9/20/16 (detention of children)


10/2/16 (3 reasons why immigrants are key to economic growth)


10/7/16 (Gael Garcia Bernal - We all Come from Migrants)


10/21/16 (new jail space for immigrants)


10/31/16 (US policy in Honduras > mass migration)


11/17/16 (K-12 immigrants)


11/17/16 – post Trump election:


11/17/16 -


11/18/16 -


11/18/16 -


11/18/16 -


11/18/16 -


11/19/16 (history devastating effects of US intervention in Guatemala)


11/20/16 (interesting back story Salvador gangs)


11/22/16 interviews – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), etc -


11/23/16 – Limits of Sanctuary Cities -


11/30/16 -


12/16/16 -


12/12/16 (horrid conditions detention center)


12/19/17 (DACA video by Voto Latino)


1/10/17 (Sessions support of 1924 law of exclusion)


1/11/17 -


1/18/17 (border wall- Tohono O’odham Nation)


1/20/17 -


1/23/17 (El Salvador US gang members deported)


1/25/17 -


1/25/17 -


1/26/17 (immigrants and crime)


1/26/17 – (Sanctuary)


1/28/17 -


1/28/17 -


1/29/17 -


1/30/17 -


1/30/17 (islamophobia)


1/31/17 (refugee experience)


1/31/17 (Japanese Internment)


1/31/17 (Japanese internment)


2/1/17 (racist graffiti)


2/2/17- (Role of endless wars creating refugee crisis)


2/5/17 -


2/6/17 -


2/6/17 – (Sanctuary Cities)


2/7/17 (research shows immigrants do not increase crime)


2/8/17 -


2/8/17 (refugees in US)


2/14/17 -


2/15/17 -


2/16/17 -


2/16/17 -


2/16/17 -


2/16/17 -


2/16/17 – (Sanctuary)


2/17/17 -


2/17/17 -


2/17/17 -


2/19/17 (border wall- Tohono O’odham Nation)


2/20/17 -


2/20/17 -


2/21/17 -


2/22/17 -


2/13/17 – (Science)


2/13/17 -


2/17/17 –(migrants crossing)


2/21/17 -


2/21/17 -


2/21/17 -


2/21/17 -


2/25/17 - 2017/02/25/us/ice-immigrant-deportations-trump.html?emc=eta1            


2/26/17 -


2/26/17 -




2/26/17 -


2/27/17 -


2/27/17 (children refugees in Europe)


2/28/17 (immigrants make communities safer)


2/28/17 (Fracking, mining, murder: the killer agenda driving migration in Mexico and Central America)


3/4/17 -


3/6/17 -


3/7/17 -


3/7/17 – NPR The Point – Immigrants and Foreign Workers – podcast -


3/8/17 -


3/8/17 (statistics)


3/8/17 -


3/9/17 -


3/9/17 (activist facing deportation)


3/10/17 (travel ban)


3/10/17 (museum refugee crisis)


3/12/17 – (wall/border)



3/13/17 (trauma of children detained)


3/14/17 – (Sanctuary)


3/16/17 -


3/17/17 -


3/17/17 - 20170317


3/17/17 -


3/21/17 (Refugees of Rap)


3/23/17 –


3/23/17 – (refugees)


3/24/17 (business Latino families as safety net)


3/24/17 –


3/24/18 (immigrants help economy)


3/27/17 (How teachers can help immigrant kids feel safe)


3/28/17 -


3/29/17 –


3/30/17 -


3/31/17 -


3/31/17- Five Arrested at Lawrence immigration office  - Boston Globe-




4/1/17-  Officials provide little information about why Colombian sisters were detained – Boston Globe-


4/2/17 - Finding a welcome sanctuary Boston Globe




4/2/17 -


*4/2/17 (History- a look at immigration in the US by Aviva Chompsky)


*4/3/17 – (The trauma of facing deportation)


4/4/17 – (the wall/ the border)


4/4/17 -


4/11/17 -


4/13/17 –




4/17/17 -


4/17/17 -


4/18/17 –(wall)


4/20/17 -


4/20/17 -


4/23/17 (refugees)


4/24/17 -


4/25/17 –(Sanctuary)


4/25/17 –(Sanctuary Cities) -


4/25/17 –The Criminalization of Immigrants From Clinton to Trump


4/26/17 -


4/27/17 -


4/27/17 -


4/27/17 (facts on immigration)


4/28/17 -


4/28/17 -


4/30/17 -


5/1/17 -


5/1/17 -


5/1/17 -


5/2/17 (for profit prisons wrote TX detention bill)


5/3/17 -


5/3/17 -


5/3/17 -


5/5/17 -


5/5/17 -


5/5/17 -


5/5/17 (refugee doll project)


5/6/17 -


5/6/17 -


5/8/17 -


5/10/17 -


5/10/17 –(Sanctuary)


5/11/17 -


5/11/17 –(jobs economy)


5/11/17 – from Summer 2017 Issue – The Sanctuary Issue yes! magazine -


5/12/17 -


5/14/17 (private for profit prison bills for detention)


5/14/17 (letters from mothers -in Spanish – from detention Dilley,Tx)


5/15/17 (ICE policies)


5/15/17 -


5/16/17 -


5/17/17 -


5/18/17 –


5/18/17 -


5/20/17 -


5/20/17 (officer immigration query)


5/22/17 -


5/22/17 –(legislation)


5/23/17 –


5/23/17 -


5/25/17 (guns and migration)


5/25/17 (forced migration)


5/26/17 -


5/27/17 -


5/31/17 -


5/31/17 – (wall/ border)


6/1/17 -


6/1/17 -


6/1/17 (migration and education)


6/2/17 (Muslim ban)


6/2/17 (farmworkers)


6/2/17 (nationalists protests)


6/9/17 (detention alternatives)


6/9/17 (shut down helpful program t immigrants)


6/12/17 (sanctuary- Japanese internment)


6/12/17 (immigration law- Supreme Court)


6/12/17 (DACA)


6/12/17 (Trump policies challenged in court)


6/15/17 (immigration enforcement)


6/16/17 (mass deportation)


6/16/17 (deportations)


6/16/17 (DACA)


6/19/17 (displaced population


6/20/17 (Sanctuary cities)


6/20/17 (Sanctuary cities)


6/20/17 (drug misconceptions)


6/20/17 (Sanctuary cities)


6/20/17 (refugees)


6/22/17 – (DACA); 6/22/17 – (DACA report pdf)


6/23/17 -


6/26/17 (Sanctuary police)


6/26/17 (ICE separating families)


6/26/17 (wall – in Portuguese from Brazil)


6/26/17 (MS-13 history)


6/27/17 (Muslim ban)


 6/27/17 -


6/27/17 (El Salvador working conditions)-


6/28/17 (detention)


6/29/17 (interview Lila Downs)


6/30/17 -


July/August Issue 2017 (Democrats lost way on immigration)


7/2/17 (Honduras)


7/3/17 (border wall)


7/3/17 (refugees)


7/5/17 (detention)


7/5/17 (detention centers in South)


7/6/17 (asylum/detention)




7/6/17 (activism)


7/7/17 (activism)


7/7/17 (ICE)


7/7/17 (refugee)


7/9/17 (climate change and migration)


7/10/17 (ICE)


7/11/17 (refugee)


7/12/17 (law)


7/13/17 (detention)


7/14/17 (childhood detention)


7/15/17 (asylum)


7/17/17 (law)


7/17/17 (detention)


7/17/17 (law)


7/17/17 (children migrants)


7/17/17 (detention/children)


 7/18/17 (migration)


7/19/17 (deportation)


7/19/17 (Syrian refugees)


7/20/17 (refugees)


7/20/17 (DREAM Act)


7/21/17 (incarceration)


7/21/17 (ICE)


7/21/17 (DACA)


7/21/17 (DACA)


7/24/17 (Sanctuary)


7/24/17 (raids)


7/24/17 (unaccompanied minors)


7/24/17 (Dreamers)


7/25/17 (deportation)




7/25/18 (Syrian refugees)


7/26/17 (deportation machine)


7/27/17 (detention/children)


7/27/17  (undocumented)


7/27/17 (a wall that connects communities)


7/28/17 (law)


7/28/17 (law)


7/28/17 (dreamer)


7/31/17 (border)


7/31/17 (policy)


7/31/17 (traffickers)


7/31/17 (property forfeiture)


8/1/17 (Arpaio)


8/1/17 (deportation)


8/1/17 –(Youth Advocate Report: Mariane Quintao)


8/1/17 (law)


8/1/17 (assimilation)


8/2/17 (white nat’lists)


8/2/17 – (Samantha Bee song on immigration – 5 min)


8/2/17 (border)


8/3/17 (humor)


8/3/17 (law facts)


8/6/17 (law)


8/7/17 (law)


8/7/17 (police)


8/7/27 (police)


8/7/17/(merit based immigration bill)


8/8/17 (deportations)


8/8/17 (danger from not having low skilled immigrants)


8/9/17 (music video Statue of Liberty)


8/9/17 (detention)


8/10/17 (ICE)


8/10/17 (deportations comparison)


8/11/17 (immigration Canada)


8/14/17 (refugees child detention)


8/15/17 (DACA)


8/16/17  (Sanctuary Cities)


8/21/17  (child detention)


8/21/17  (myths)


8/22/17 (asylum seekers)


8/22/17  (refugees)


8/23/17 (ethnic studies ban)


8/23/17 (Arpaio)


8/24/17 (private prison corruption)


8/25/17 (law)


8/25/17  (DACA)


8/28/17  (ICE)


8/28/17 (DACA)


8/29/17  (immigrants in Houston)


8/29/17  (immigrants in Houston)


8/30/17 (podcast) Juan Escalante


8/30/17  (Sanctuary Cities) ttps://


8/31/17 (DACA)


9/1/17 (DACA)


9/1/17  (immigrant rights)


9/1/17   (El Salvador, violence, women) -


9/1/17  (DACA undocumented You Tube) -


9/4/17  (DACA)


9/5/17  (DACA)


9/5/127  (DACA)


9/5/17 (DACA)


9/5/17 (DACA)


9/5/17 (DACA explained)


9/6/17  (DACA)


9/6/17  (DACA)


9/6/17  (DACA)


9/6/17  (DACA)


9/6/17 (DACA interviews) -


9/6/17 (DACA – facts)


9/6/17  (DREAM Act and DACA) -


9/6/17  (immigrants economy)


9/6/17  (DACA)


9/6/17 (DACA)


9/7/17 (DACA)


9/7/17 (DACA)


9/7/17 (DACA)


9/7/17  (DACA) webinar by Nat’l Immigration Law Center (NILC); pdf of webinar power point


9/7/17  (DACA)


9/7/17  (immigration US/Mexico)


9/7/17  (DACA)


9/7/17 (artist US-Mexico Border)


9/8/17  (migrants)


9/8/17 (wall)


*9/8/17 (DACA or undocumented) by Karla Cornejo Villavicencio


9/8/17 (DACA)


9/9/17  (refugee)


9/11/17  (DACA)


9/11/177  (DACA)


9/11/17 (DACA)


9/11/17  (law)


*9/11/17 (Facebook Russia anti-immigrant)


9/12/17 –(DACA)


9/13/17  (refugees)


9/13/17  (DACA)


9/13/17 (DACA)


9/14/17 (DACA)


 9/14/17 (DACA -eugenics)


9/14/17  (DACA)


9/15/17  (DACA)


9/15/17 (What is DACA and What Rights Do DACA Recipients Have?)


9/15/17  (undocumented)


9/15/17  (ICE)


9/15/17 (climate refugee)


9/16/17  (DACA)


9/17 /17  (DACA)


9/17/17 (wall mural art)


9/18/17 (Homeland Security DHS)


9/18/17 (economics)


9/18/17 (refugee economic impact)


9/19/17  (DACA)


9/19/17 (DACA)


9/19/17  (children detention)


9/19/17 (DACA)


9/20/17 (deportations)


9/20/17  (DACA)


9/20/17  (history, race, democracy)


9/20/17 (exploitation of immigrant detainees)


9/21/17 (the wall)


9/21/17  (deportation)


9/21/17  (DACA/ DREAMERS video) -


9/21/17 (Puerto Rico)


9/22/17 (Japanese American internment)


9/22/17 (The Employment Effects of Mexican Repatriations: Evidence from the 1930’s)


9/22/17 (expose of far right anti-immigrant research group)


9/23/17(Latinx month)


9/25/17 (DACA local MV program Portuguese and English -6 min into show)


9/25/17  (economy)


9/25/17 (DACA)


9/26/17 (anti-immigration law)


9/26/17  (DACA)


9/26/17 (travel ban) -


9/26/17 (Homeland Security DHS)


9/26/17 (Homeland Security DHS)


9/27/17 (refugees)


9/27/17  (Sanctuary)


9/28/17  (deportation)


9/28/17 (ICE, Sanctuary cities)


9/28/17 (unaccompanied minors, policy, El Salvador, gangs)


9/28/17 (ICE, Sanctuary cities)


9/28/17 (ICE, Sanctuary cities)


9/25/17 (Homeland Security DHS)


9/29/17 (ICE, Sanctuary cities)


9/29/17 (Rohingya refugees)


9/29/17  (deportations, ICE, Sanctuary cities)


9/29/17 (deportations, ICE, Sanctuary cities)


9/30/17  (Puerto Rico/US Lin-Manuel Miranda)


9/30/17 -(Puerto Rico/US Lin-Manuel Miranda)


9/30/17  (deportations, ICE, Sanctuary cities)


9/30/17  (Homeland Security DHS)


9/30/17 (policy)


10/1/17  (Puerto Rico/US SNL Alex Baldwin)


10/1/17  (Puerto Rico)


10/1/17  (Truck of Death, deportations)


10/2/17  (DACA)


10/2/17  (DACA)


10/2/17  (Puerto Rico)


10/2/17 (Puerto Rico)


10/2/17 (Puerto Rico)


10/2/17  (Dream Act)


10/2/18 (exposure falsities of anti-immigrant group CIS Center for Immigration Studies)


10/3/17  (Puerto Rico)


10/3/17  (Puerto Rico)


10/3/17 -


10/3/17 (El Salvador diaspora)


10/4/17 (DACA)


10/4/17 (Puerto Rico)


10/4/17  (Immigrant experience Diane Guerrero)


10/5/17 (DACA)


10/5/17 (refugees – UN Refugee Agency video shared solutions)


10/5/17 (DACA)


10/5/17 (understanding immigration)


10/6/17  (Sanctuary State)


10/7/17 (ICE brutality);


10/8/17 (Puerto Rico) Times Video: Amid Promises of Aid, a Puerto Rico Still in Ruins

10/8/17  (DACA)


10/9/17  (DACA)


10/9/17 (refugee film)


10/10/17 (trauma for children)


10/10/17 (Puerto Rico)


10/11/17 (Childhood Detention)


10/11/17 (DACA)


10/11/17  (overall anti-Trump freestyle rap)


10/11/17 (DACA LGBT)


10/13/17  (Puerto Rico)


10/13/17  (DOJ)


10/13/17  (Puerto Rico)


10/13/17 (Puerto Rico) Let’s Start Talking About Puerto Rico Honestly


10/13/17 (refugee)


10/14/17 (refugees in US)


10/14/17  (deportation fears)


10/16/17 (community support immigrants in fire) biilingual radio station has become lifeline for undocumented immigrants fleeing wildfires in CA


10/17/17 (immigration courts)


10/18/17 (Puerto Rico)


10/18/17 (Puerto Rico)


10/18/17 (Border)


10/19/17 (refugees)


10/19/17 (travel ban)


10/19/17 (DACA Clean Dream Act)


10/20/17 (deportation fear)


10/20/17 (Puerto Rico – political history)


10/20/17 (loss of legal status)


10/20/17 (DACA)


10/22/17 (ICE)


10/23/17 (Honduras)


10/23/17 (1st generation immigrants)


10/24/17 (Latinx)


10/24/17 (refugee order ban)


10/25/17 (detained teen seeking abortion)


10/25/17 (child detention)


10/26/17 (border)


10/26/17 (DACA)


10/27/17 (DACA and UnDACA) s://


10/27/17 (Puerto Rico)


10/28/17 (immigrant vote)


10/29/17 (Puerto Rico)


10/29/17 (refugee entrepreneurs)


10/30/17 (Child detention)


10/30/17 (Puerto Rico)


10/31/17 (Puerto Rico)


10/31/17 (Child detention)


10/31/17 (arbitrary detention)


11/1/17 (travel ban)


11/1/17 (Puerto Rico –solar proposal)


11/1/17 (immigration policy)


11/1/17 (Honduras - environment)

11/1/17 (Trump’s Refugee policy is baseless)


11/6/17 (deportation losing rights TPS)


11/7/17 (refugees TPS)


11/9/17 (DACA Dream Act)


11/9/17 (DACA Dreamers)


11/9/17 (Clean Dream Act – live videos 15 cities)


11/9/17 (detention)


11/9/17 (sexual assault in detention)


11/9/17 (Rights)


11/9/17 (deportations)


11/10/17 (DACA)


11/10/17 (sexual abuse farm workers)


11/10/17 (TPS Temporary Status Program)


11/13/17 (migrant deaths)


11/13/17 (Puerto Rico)


11/13/17 (gangs of Nantucket part 1)


11/14/17 (gangs of Nantucket part 2)


11/15/17 (gangs of Nantucket part 3)


11/15/17 (student walk-out)


11/16/17 (student walk-out)


11/16/17 (gangs of Nantucket part 4)


11/16/17 (Climate change and migration)


11/16/17 (Climate change and migration)


11/16/17 (DACA)


11/16/17 (Sanctuary)


11/16/17 (how politician use refugees –en español)


11/17/17 (Climate change and migration)


11/17/17 (Puerto Rico migration)


11/17/17 (ICE and DHS)


11/18/17 (slavery)


11/18/17 (refugee)


11/19/17 (refugees)


11/20/17 (Puerto Rico)


11/20/17 (Immigrant Rights protest)


11/21/17 (Sanctuary Cities)


11/21/17 (revoking protection status - TPS)


11/21/17 (US border security to Mexico)


11/21/17 (Undocumented immigrants are not stealing your benefits)


11/22/17 (TPS for Haitians)


11/24/17 (Civil Rights game)


11/24/17 (Puerto Rico)


11/25/17 (Deportations)


11/25/17 (ICE increase)


11/25/17 (Puerto Rico)


11/25/17 (border crossing)


11/26/17 (immigrant murals)


11/27/17 (sexual harassment of immigrants)


11/27/17 (education)


11/28/17 (DACA Bambadjan Bamba)


11/28/17 (Guatemala recent history)


11/29/17 (Trump effect on Immigration)


11/29/17 (refugee crisis)


11/30/17 (immigrant experience)


11/30/17 (Trump tweets “Build a Wall”)


11/30/17 (murder on the border – vigilante group)


12/1/17 (Puerto Rico)


12/2/17 (Rohingya)


12/2/17 (DACA)


12/2/17  (DACA)


12/4/17 (travel ban –internment)


12/5/17 (migrants)


12/7/17 (DACA)


*12/8/17 (radio podcast immigration) #632 Our Town Part One: This American Life


12/9/17 (Puerto Rico)


12/11/17 (farmworkers/climate change)


12/11/17 (ICE raids)


12/11/17 (illegal ICE raids)


12/12/17 (Dreamers)


12/12/17 (MVRHS and Brazilian consulate visit)


12/13/17 (trauma)


12/14/17 (detention centers)


12/14/17 (Nora Sándigo guardian of undocumented children)


12/14/17 (refugee stories)


12/15/17 (anti-immigrant speech by Trump)


12/15/17 (ICE)


12/15/17 (disappeared)


12/15/17 (border statistics)


12/15/17 (border statistics)


12/15/17 (border statistics)


*12/15/17 (radio podcast immigration) #632 Our Town Part One: This American Life


12/16/17 (hate speech)


12/17/17 (family and deportation)


12/18/17 (sexual assaults in Immigration Detention Centers)


12/19/17 (Puerto Rico)


12/19/17 (refugees in US)


12/20/17 (H-1B and temporary visas)


12/20/17 (DACA)


12/21/17 (separating families)


12/21/17 (deportation history)


12/21/17 – (undocumented in prisons)

12/23/17 (Rohingya women and abuse)

12/23/17 (Trump bureaucracy immigration)

12/23/17 (Puerto Rico)


12/25/17 (refugee)


12/28/17 (journalist fears deportation)


1/29/17 (climate change/immigration)


12/29/17 (Puerto Rico)


12/30/17 (environmentally forced migration -147 environmental defenders killed in 2017); (Global Witness)


1/30/17 (the wall & art)


*1/1/18 (MS18 unaccompanied minors)


1/1/18 (TPS Temporary Protective Status)


1/4/18 (migrants)


1/6/18 (family separation)

1/6/18 (TPS Temporary Protective Status)


1/7/18 (TPS Temporary Protective Status)


1/7/18 (families deportation - video)


1/7/18 (Puerto Rico)


1/8/18 (TPS Temporary Protective Status)


1/8/18 (Wall DACA)


1/8/18 (lunch isolation immigrant youth)


1/8/18 (TPS Temporary Protective Status)


1/9/18 (TPS Temporary Protective Status)


1/9/18 (TPS Temporary Protective Status)


1/9/18 (DACA)


1/9/18 (DACA)


1/9/18 (TPS Temporary Protective Status)


1/9/18 (fact sheet: US immigration)


1/10/18 (DACA advance)


1/10/18 (refugees)


1/10/18 (DACA); (you tube)


1/10/18 (visa lottery)


1/10/18 (DACA statistics)


1/10/18 (immigration raids)


1/10/18 (immigration rhetoric of dictators)


1/11/18 (DACA Dreamers);


1/11/18 (blocked abortion)


1/11/18 (“chain migration” fact check DACA)


1/11/18 (solitary confinement detention)


1/11/18 (farmworkers and pesticides)


1/12/18 (Immigration Rights Activist detained);


1/12/18 (“S…hole countries” racist remarks)


1/12/18 (the wall)


1/13/18 (immigration remarks)


*1/15/18 (deportation death sentence)


1/15/18 (The Missing – consequences of Trump’s immigration crackdown)


1/15/18 (legal immigration struggle)


1/16/18 (ICE targets)


1/16/18 (sanctuary cities)


1/16/18 (ICE tracking license plates)


1/17/18 (ICE targeting activists)


1/17/18 (immigration jail)


1/17/18 (activist detention)


1/17/18 (civil disobedience)


1/17/18 (targeted deportation)


1/18/18 (no visas were required until 1924 Immigration history in US)


1/18/18 (activist hunger strike)


1/18/18 (refugees)


1/18/18 (Puerto Rico)


1/18/18 (immigration story)


1/18/18 (refugee farmers)


1/19/18 (rejection of refugees)


1/19/18 (DACA)


1/19/18 (immigrant rights activists)


1/20/18 (history US role in El Salvador)


1/20/18 (Dreamers)

1/21/18 (refuges in France)


1/21/18 (immigration policy)


1/22/18 (deportation of holder of green card)


1/22/18 (Hispanic voters)


1/23/18 (activist arrest)


1/23/18 (DACA)


1/23/18 (refugee and sports)


1/24/18 (Dreamers)


1/24/18 (Samantha Bee on immigration policy)


1/25/18 (activists charged)


1/25/18 (DACA)


1/25/18 (most people want legal status for dreamers)


1/26/18 (church sanctuary)


1/26/18 (immigrant struggle)


1/26/18  (water for migrants)


1/26/18 (Trump administration seeks to end family-based immigration policy – see Melania Trump’s parents 8/9/18)


1/26/18 (Far fewer refugees admitted to US)


1/27/18 (myth of "exceptional immigrants")




1/28/18 (border myth)


1/29/18 (border wall and Tohono O’odham)

1/29/18 (census)


1/29/18 (sexual harassment farm workers)


1/29/18 (immigrant activist)


1/30/18 (undocumented family struggle)


1/30/18 (undocumented struggles)


1/30/18 (teachers training immigration)

1/30/18 (sanctuary); en español


1/31/18 (DACA Trump)


2/1/18 (DACA)


2/1/18 (Mexican-American History’s beginning)


*2/1/18 (asylum seekers –fact sheet)


2/1/18 (Immigration Court Appearances Rates – statistics human rights first)


2/2/18 (ICE)


2/2/18 (hate groups)


2/2/18 (Puerto Rico)


2/2/18 (ICE history)


2/5/18 (Dreamers)


2/6/18 (deportation death sentence)


2/6/18 (racial politics and Latinx History Mexican history in US to current immigration)


2/7/18 (UN report arbitrary detention)


2/8/18 (refugee essay Masha Gessen)


2/8/18 (anti-Dreamer cartoon “heinous”)


2/8/18 (migrant work and food)


2/8/18 (ICE protest)


2/8/18 (ICE arrests up in 2017)


2/9/18 (Dreamers and military)


2/9/18 (lawyers protest)


2/9/18 (immigrant forced labor)


2/10/18 (America’s forgotten war with Mexico)


2/10/18 (deportation splits families)

2/11/18 (refugee migrant distinction)


2/11/18 (Trump takes “shackles” off ICE)


2/12/18 (Puerto Rico spiked suicides)


2/12/18 (targeted activists)

2/12/18 (stayed deportation)


2/12/18 (asylum arrest)


2/12/18 (unlawful detentions)


2/13/18 (DACA)


2/13/18 (DACA)


2/14/18 (deportation splitting families)


2/14/18 (sanctuary series); en español

2/14/18 (union protects immigrants)

2/14/18 (ICE corruption)

2/15/18 (ICE targets)

2/18/18 (ICE target raids)


2/19/18 (PR status)


2/21/18 (Immigration and Neruda)

2/22/18 (forced migration source)

2/22/18 (immigrant youth with survivor teens)


2/22/18 (“nation of immigrants” questioned)

2/22/18 (DACA)


2/26/18 (ICE Raids)

2/27/18 (Supreme Court ruling)

2/27/18 (beating in detention center)

2/27/18 (Immigrants and Business)

2/27/18 (non-fiction book on border patrol)

2/28/18 (indefinite detention)

2/28/18 (DACA and Congress)

2/28/18 (ICE raids)

2/28/18 (DACA stories)

2/28/18 (DACA/Dreamers/Family mixed status)

2/28/18 (ICE against CA mayor)

2/28/18 (anti-immigrant propaganda)

2/28/18 (history-roots why welcoming migrants is important)

2/28/18 (First of its kind Survey Reveals Alarming Impact of Immigration Enforcement on Public Schools)

3/1/18 (drugs, gangs, immigration and CAFTA)

3/1/18 (protest ICE raids)

3/1/18 (El Salvador-Justice in Northern Triangle)


3/1/18 (MS 13 history)


3/1/18 (report: Children’s Fear of Immigration Policy)


3/2/18 (identifying migrants who died)

3/3/18 (robots, unemployment, immigration


3/3/18 (DACA)

3/3/18 (increased deportation of Vietnamese refugees)

3/3/18 (Dreamer protection indigenous connections)

3/5/18 (trauma in immigrant community)


3/5/18 (DACA)


3/5/18 (DACA/Dreamers)


3/6/18 (DACA protesters arrested)

3/6/18 (DACA protests)

3/6/18 (Fugitive Slave Act & immigration today)

3/7/18 (US history of illegal deportations)

3/6/18 (teachers rally around undocumented students)

3/7/18 (Sanctuary CA)

3/8/18 (Sanctuary CA)


3/8/18 (Sanctuary CA)

3/8/18 (Kenya refugee camp fashion show)

3/8/18 (detention violations)

3/8/18 (detention of activists);

3/8/18 (ACLU sues ICE)

3/9/18 (brutal arrests)

3/9/18 (detention of activist)

3/9/18 (Puerto Rico)

3/9/18 (Puerto Rico)

3/9/18 (Latino inequality in MA)

3/10/18 (migrant protest art in China)

3/12/18 (ICE raids under Trump)

3/12/18 (TPS lawsuit)

3/12/18 (student walkout history)


3/13/18 (support refugees/end wars/El Salvador causes/sanctuary)

3/13/18 (ICE spokesperson resigns)

3/14/18 (fact sheet immigration process)

3/14/18 (ICE resignation)

3/14/18 (detention center current report)


3/15/18 (sanctuary series)


3/16/18 (ICE protests) Daily_Digest&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_fa2346a853-ea7360d3e9-1918502133

3/16/18 (walls, barriers podcast #641)


3/17/18 (history of Dreamers/relation with Parkland)


3/17/18 (migrants in Greece)


3/19 /18 (sexual assault in detention)


3/20/18 (Puerto Rico)


3/20/18 (undocumented wage theft)


3/21/18 (war on immigration)


3/21/18 (Sanctuary cities)


3/21/18 (is detention torture?)


3/21/18 (2020 census citizenship question)


3/22/18 (wall or not)


3/26/18 (2020 census citizenship question)


3/27/18 (2020 census citizenship question) ;


3/28/18 (2020 census citizenship question)


3/28/18 (2020 census citizenship question)


3/28/18 (Two-Thirds of Americans Live in the “Constitution-Free Zone”)


3/29/18 (sanctuary church)


3/29/18 (ICE pavs way to detain more pregnant immigrants)


3/30/18 (2020 census citizenship question)


3/30/18 (myth of immigrant crime)


3/30/18 (Central American {CA} caravan - mass migration from Honduras)


3/30/18 (sanctuary support protest)


4/1/18  (immigration courts)


4/1/18 (DACA Trump’s switch)


4/2/18 (interview with ex-MS13 gang member- video- Betrayal)


4/2/18 (DOJ pressures immigration judges)


4/2/18 (immigration policy) https://www.nytimes.coåm/2018/04/02/us/politics/trump-immigration-mexico-daca.html?action=click&contentCollection=Politics&module=RelatedCoverage&region=EndOfArticle&pgtype=article


4/2/18 (migrant CA caravan)


4/2/18 (migrant CA caravan)


4/2/18 (Caravan)


4/2/18 (access to healthcare for immigrant families)


4/3/18 (migrant CA caravan/Honduras/ also video shorts on DACA, Sanctuary, etc.)


4/4/18 (blocking immigrant access to lawyers)


4/4/18 (National Guard at border)


4/4/18 (the wall)


4/4/18 (the wall/National Guard at border)


4/4/18 (inside CA caravan)


4/5/18 (CA caravan)


4/5/18 (CA caravan)


4/5/18 (video CA caravan)


4/5/18 (Nat'l Guard -wall)


4/6/18 (immigration policy)


4/6/18 (Native American sacred land at border- The Wall)


4/6/18 (Manuel Duran journalist detained)


4/6/18 (lies and stereotypes)


4/6/18 (Why are migrants from Central America escaping to the US - video)


4/9/18 (biggest raid in a decade)


4/9/18 (fatal car chase by ICE)


4/10/18 (arrest sparks lawyer protest)


4/10/18 (RBG addresses new citizens)


4/10/18 (DOJ halt legal assistance program)


4/10/18 (Immigrants founded more than 40% of new companies in some US states)


4/11/18 (DACA)


4/11/18 (Puerto Rico – teachers)


4/11/18 (troops to border)


4/11/18 (ICE on trial – sexual assault);


4/11/18 (ICE wrongful arrest leads to death of 2) www.latimes.coÅm/local/california/la-me-ln-delano-ice-crash-20180411-story.html; FOLLOW-UP 6/1/18


4/11/18 (fewer deportations in welcoming cities)


4/12/18 (DREAM Act March video-NJ financial aid to undocumented)


4/12/18 (NJ financial aid to undocumented)


4/12/18 (Wall, DACA black support of immigration rights)


4/12/18 (EU migrant children protection)


4/15/18 (dealing with immigrant parents)


4/16/18 (the wall/ Tohono O’odham Nation)


4/16/18 (travel ban injustice)


4/17/18 (private prison exploits immigrant labor);


4/17/18 (plea for release)


4/17/17 (largest deportation of Khmer people)


4/18/18 (Census 2020)


4/18/18 (UK scandal Windrush generation deportations)


4/19/18 (marriage deportation)


4/19/18 (DACA affecting students)


4/19/18 (Public Charge fact sheet – latest attack on immigrant families)


420/18 (tearing families apart at border)


4/20/18 (targeted activist freed from detention)


4/23/18 (border patrolled by Latinos)


4/24/18 (anti-Muslim policy consequences)


4/24/18 (detained journalist)


4/24/18 (DACA must continue)


4/24/18 (Caravan at border)


4/24/18 (Child Labor Trafficking); video


4/26/18 (Rohingya refugees)


4/26/18 (cancel TPS Nepali immigrants)


4/26/18 (Muslim Ban) The Daily NY Times podcasts Michael Barbara


4/26/18 (anti-immigrant hate group FAIR)


4/26/18 (migrant children and sponsors)


4/27/18 (drafting a new immigration resolution)


4/27/18 (over 1,480 citizens detained since 2012)


4/27/18 (proposed public charge rules will harm families and communities)


4/29/18 (Puerto Rico emigration)


4/29/18 (Caravan)


4/30/18 (ICE policy, young Latinx voters)


4/30/18 (Caravan at border)


4/30/18 (ICE leader resigns)


5/1/18 (Puerto Rico demonstrations)


5/2/18 (Caravan)


5/2/18 (deadly force at border)


5/2/18 (DACA suits)


5/2/18 (new powers to ICE)


5/2/18 (immigration does not increase violent crime)


5/2/18 (What It Takes to Get Asylum in the US)


5/3/18 (Teacher of the Year gives Trump immigrant letters)


5/3/18 (media literacy lesson on fake news)


5/3/18 (border patrol misconduct)


5/3/18 (dangers of separating children from parents)


5/4/18 (interview with refugee writers Viet Thanh Nguyen & Ariel Dorfman) Part 1:; Part 2:


5/4/18 (ending TPS for Hondurans – one of world’s most violent countries)


5/7/18 (ending TPS for Hondurans interview)


5/7/18 (separating parents and children)


5/7/18 (Sessions explains “zero tolerance” separating children)


5/7/18 (more prosecutions of undocumented)


5/7/18 (Dreamer support)


5/7/18 (transgender woman on Caravan speaks)


*5/8/18 (exploitation of immigrants)


5/8/18 (DHS family separation policy)


5/8/18 (TPS controversy)


5/9/18 (DACA bill);


5/9/18 (terror on immigrants)


5/10/18 (Immigration and welfare)


5/11/18 (pseudoscience in asylum detention of minor)


5/11/18 (ICE mocks demand to see warrant)


5/11/18 (Trump tirade on immigration)


5/11/18 (Kelly interview on immigration policy)


5/11/18 (Puerto Rico)


5/11/18 (extending detention centers privately run)


5/12/18 (deportation raids public health crisis)


5/14/18 (Sanctuary cities)


5/14/18 (As the government shutdown over Trump’s wall rages, a journey along the entire 1,933-mile US-Mexico border shows the monumental task of securing it)


5/15/18 (separating families, new border policy)


5/16/18 (immigrant children to be held in military bases)


5/16/18 (US refusal to accept refugees)


5/16/18 (Trump’s tirade)


5/17/18 (Puerto Rican diaspora)


5/17/18 (refugees and democracy at question)


5/17/18 (for profit immigration detention exploitation)


5/18/18 (ripping children from parents)


5/18/18 (fake news, MS-13)


5/19/18 (dangerous attitudes about immigrants)


5/19/18 (border patrol)


5/19/18 (John Kelly’s immigrant ancestors) by Viet Thanh Ngyuyen


5/20/18 (citizens questioned for speaking Spanish)


5/21/18 (deportation machinery research May report)


5/21/18 (MS 13 and Trump)


5/21/18 (Immigrant women entrepreneurs)


5/22/18 (abuse to detained children) 5/23/18; 5/25/18


5/23/18 (Puerto Rico/banking loopholes)


5/23/18 (border patrol abuse of migrant children)


5/23/18 (US citizen children impacted by immigration enforcement – more than 8 million citizens live with an undocumented parent – trauma negative impact)


5/25/18 (zero tolerance border - yellow bracelet)


5/25/18 (woman killed by border patrol in Texas)


5/25/19 (anti-immigrant nominated for Administration)


5/25/18 (inhumane border policy)


5/25/18 (border patrol beat, sexual assault)


5/28/18 (linguistic divide)


5/28/18 (post immigrant children)


5/29/18 (Trump immigration policy and false blame)


5/29/18 (PTSD trauma in immigrant communities)


5/29/18 (staffing polling places with ICE)


5/29/18 (separating children from families)


5/29/18 (death at border)


5/29/18 (ICE destroys records of abuse)


5/30/18 (Puerto Rico new study María toll)


5/30/18 (trans woman died in ICE custody); Diversidad Sin Fronteras


5/30/18 (100 “shelters” in 14 states for children in custody)


5/30/18 (Manuel Duran journalist detained) Follow-up


5/31/18 (immigration policy reaction)


6/1/18 (Croatia opens fire on immigrant van)


6/1/18 (zero tolerance at US border)


6/1/18 (bill to end policy of separating children from parents)


6/1/18 (Caravan person mistreatment in detention)


6/1/18 (politics of DACA)


6/1/18 (the value of immigration part one)


6/3/18 (domestic violence and fear of deportation)


6/3/18 (forced separation of parents and children seeking asylum)


6/4/18 (the value of immigration part two)


6/4/18 (Senator barred from detention center) (video of senator Merkley at detention center)


6/4/18 (ICE agents and migrant children)


6/4/18 (immigration lawyer explains – excellent)


6/5/18 (UN on US human rights abuse) -;


6/5/18 (mass trials at border)


6/5/18 (separation of families at border)


6/6/18 (challenging constitutionality of family separations)


6/6/18 (prison bus for babies -photo)


6/6/18 (detention of children)


6/6/18 (big ICE raid in Ohio); Also video and lure:


6/6/18 (UN accuses US of human rights violation)


6/6/18 (Puerto Rico -three-part series)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


6/6/18 (asylum seekers denied entry to US)


6/7/18 (the value of immigration part three)


6/7/18 (ICE arrests 114- videos)


6/8/18 (girl’s murder effects migration debate in Germany)


6/8/18 (Dreamer murdered in Mexico)


6/8/18 (community fight back on Tennessee raid)


6/8/18 (border war against children)


6/8/18 (USAID death and displacement)


6/8/18 (Puerto Rico In Vieques, Life Amid Devastation)


6/8/18 (Puerto Rico The Development Paradox)


6/8/18 (Puerto Rico – Ruin Nation)


6/9/18 (separation at border)


6/9/18 (contempt for ICE)


6/9/18 (Rep. Jayapal meets asylum seekers)


6/11/18 (Rep. Jayapal meets asylum seekers)


6/11/18 (suicide of asylum seeker)


6/11/18 (Sessions changes domestic abuse law for asylum)


6/11/18 (inhumanity and cruelty)


6/11/18 (effect of policy change on abuse and gang violence)


6/11/18 (Admin language of domestic violence)


6/11/18 (anti-immigrant politics before Trump)


6/11/18 (girl dances in quinceañera dress outside detention)


6/11/18 (Spain welcomes 600 asylum seekers)


6/12/18 (jailing children – separating families)


6/12/18 (systematic traumatization at border)


6/12/18 (losing all morality)


6/12/18 (cruelty to families)


6/12/18 (new agency created to go after naturalized citizens)


6/13/18 (50 year resident detained)


6/13/18 (inside incarceration center for children -video)


6/13/18 (totalitarian practice at border)


6/13/18 (mother of six detained)


6/13/18 (Joseph, Mary, Jesus refugees-Bible)


6/13/18 (universities must help refugees)


6/14/18 (whistle blower discloses inside detention of children); also:;


6/14/18 (children’s detention center tour)


6/14/18 (detention centers unequipped for babies)


6/14/18 (Administration justifies ripping children with Bible)


6/14/18 (residents at both sides of border help out)


6/14/18 (conservative religious groups denounce immigration policy)


6/14/18 (trauma at border)


6/14/18 (what you can do to help); (contact DOJ)


6/14/18 (detention centers hit capacities set up tent cities)


6/14/18 (tent city for children in Tornillo, Tx El Paso)


6/14/18 (House Dems protest Homeland Security)


6/14/18 (protests of family separation)


6/14/18 (speaking out about children in detention)


6/14/18 (child abuse policy)


6/14/18 (mural inside children’s detention center)


 6/14/18 (timeline of separation policy with videos)


6/15/18 (lawyers agree Sessions’ ruling drags US back to Dark Ages)


6/15/18 (Sessions and “Bible Heresy”)


6/15/18 (inhumane policy);


6/15/18 (DOJ separation policy)


6/15/18 (nearly 2000 children taken from parents)


6/15/18 (immigration bill)


6/15/18 (what can be done)


6/15/18 (children inside detention)


6/15/18 (asylum seeker stories)


6/15/18 (video news 2000 children)


6/16/18 (non-profit charity dilemma)


6/16/18 (separating families a Christian tradition)


6/16/18 (family separation enforcement)


6/16/18 (false blame for separation)


6/16/18 (illegally turning back asylum seekers)


6/17/18 (how they take the children)


6/17/18 (Nielsen claims of no policy for separating families)


6/18/18 (600 refugees disembark Spain)


6/18/18 (no plan for reuniting)


6/18/18 (protests over separations lawmakers join)


6/18/18 (interview with whistleblower child detention center)


6/18/18 (news of children in detention)


6/18/18 (danger even for naturalized citizens in US)


6/18/18 (audio of wailing children separated from parents at border);


6/18/18 (report. From McAllen Detention Center-photos)


6/18/18 (separated children will have stories to tell)


6/18/18 (Admin justifies separation policy)


6/18/18 (history of separating families Native Americans)


6/18/18 (video of separated children)


6/18/18 (video of families in cages)


6/18/18 (Nazis separated parents and children)


6/18/18 (inside detention)


6/18/18 (defend immigrant rights)


6/18/18 (Indian Country Remembers the Trauma of Children Taken from Their Parents)


6/19/18 (Star Wars star says separating children now is worse than Japanese internment)


6/19/18 (separation policy creates fear and crisis)


6/19/18 (US history of splitting up families)


6/19/18 (Microsoft boycott threatened)


6/19/18 (inside border detention center-video)


6/19/18 (migrants smuggled worldwide)

6/19/18 (immigration debate)


6/19/18 (professors protest government child abuse)


6/19/18 (abuse inside detention centers);


6/19/18 (rallying cry movement)


6/19/18 (history behind immigration laws)


6/19/18 (cruelty to children)


6/19/18 (tent city for immigrants)


6/19/18 (Stephen Miller man behind policy)


6/19/18 (fact checker on immigration laws and statements by admin) The facts about Trump’s policy of separating families at the border (Washington Post)


6/19/18 (permanent separation for some?)


6/19/18 (navigating alt-right websites fake news for teachers)


6/19/18 (Western Europeans and immigration attitudes)


6/19/18 (family separations “efficient” system takes far longer)


6/19/18 (Forced migration from Central America: 5 essential roads)


6/20/18 (medical view of poor medical care in detention centers)


6/20/18 (systematic child abuse)


6/20/18 (separation of migrant history)


6/20/18 (catch and detain separates families)


6/20/18 (private prisons profit and enable)


6/20/18 (Admin give little direction on separation of children)


6/20/18 (3 countries protect ½ world’s refugees -Turkey, Bangladesh, Uganda)


6/20/18 (world refugee experience and history)


6/20/18 (Time to decriminalize immigration)


6/20/18 (governors recall National Guard from border)


6/20/18 (families won’t be immediately united)


6/20/18 (Latin American migration crisis)


6/20/18 (Trump signs order stopping his policy)


6/20/18 (people who profit from detention)


6/20/18 (Sanctuary)


6/20/18 (Union USW opinion of immigration policy)


6/20/18 (teaching tolerance lesson on border)


6/20/18 (trauma separated children)


6/20/18 (Stephen Miller’s attitude according to aide)


6/20/18 (Ex Order creates more problems)


6/20/18 (alternatives to detention – history of detention centers)


6/20/18 (immigrants and the “gig” economy)


6/20/18 (intervention leads to immigration – viewing history)


6/21/18 (weaponizing children)


6/21/18 (story of separation)


6/21/18 (facts on zero tolerance) -


6/21/18 (law clinic not prepared for this level of cruelty)


6/21/18 (Private Prisons Profit from Family Detention)


6/21/18 (detained migrant children injected with psychiatric drug)


6/21/18 (anti-ICE billboard)


6/21/18 (trauma mental illness treatment for separated children)


6/21/18 (Australia’s poor refugee treatment)


6/21/18 (more baby jails)


6/21/18 (despite order US may still be separating families)


6/21/18 (How to call your representative)


6/21/18 (separated kids secretly transported to NY)


6/21/18 (migrant youth sent to abusive detention centers)


6/21/18 (mass demonstrations in NY);


6/21/18 (Exec order keeps refugees indefinitely)


6/21/18 (Pentagon prepares to house 20,000 migrant children)


6/21/18 (asylum seekers wait)


6/21/18 (Large ICE raid 146 in Ohio)


6/21/18 (immigrants boosted Ohio economy)


6/21/18 (myths and facts of zero tolerance policy)


6/21/18 (moral world in dark times – on being podcast)


6/21/18 (differing views on immigration in Germany)


6/21/18 (who profits from family incarceration)


6/21/18 (Psychological damage separating and detaining kids with video)


6/22/18 (Alternatives to detention)


6/22/18 (15 actions against immigration policies)


6/22/18 (Eritrean immigrant dies by suicide during deportation)


6/22/18 (snatched children reunification rare)


6/22/18 (history behind migration)


 6/22/18 (separated father speaks)


6/22/18 (abuse inside detention center for children)


6/22/18 (tense debate on how to process migrant families)


6/22/18 (video Salvadoran child – emotional damage separation)


6/22/18 (preventing crimes against humanity)


6/22/18 (Supreme Court ruling on Martha’s Vineyard case could change deportation proceedings)


6/22/18 (mother freed not child)       


6/22/18 (Occupy ICE in NY);


6/22/18 (Charts show what’s happening at border)


6/22/18 (Central America Family Protection and Reunification Act- CAFPRA)


6/22/18 (looming questions - the girls)


6/23/18 (attempts to shift focus of border);


6/23/18 (psychological trauma of separated children)


6/23/18 (abolish ICE)


6/24/18 (Occupy ICE protests in Portland)


6/24/18 (migrants stuck)


6/24/18 (white extinction anxiety)


6/25/18 (camps to house migrants)


6/25/18 (Trump calls immigrants invaders wants deportation without due process rights) ;


6/25/18 (nationwide protests to reunite families, abolish ICE); (undocumented mom speaks out)


6/25/18 (constitutional rights of undocumented immigrants – right to due process, legal counsel, to be with family, etc.)


6/25/18 (causes of Central American migration)


6/26/18 (end child detention in US)


6/26/18 (psychological effect trauma separation)


6/26/18 (Supreme Court travel ban upheld and Korematsu overruled)


6/26/18 (Muslim ban Quaker opinion)


6/26/18 (Fighting family separation showed America the way to resist a wayward president)


6/27/18 (deportation machine history)


6/27/18 (Fed. Judge orders reuniting of families)


6/27/18 (children shelter map)


6/27/18 (House rejects immigration bill)


6/27/18 (former ICE lawyer switches sides)


6/27/18 (there is no immigration crisis)


6/27/18 (Today’s US-Mexico ‘border crisis’ in 6 charts - statistics)


6/28/18 (Refugee crisis related to US Dirty Wars in Central America) ; (asylum seekers relation to Dirty Wars fueling drug cartels – history* of how US involvement created violence)


6/28/18 (interview with Immigration lawyer on separations)


6/28/18 (toddlers alone in court)


6/28/18 (border patrol on Greyhound bus)


6/28/18 (19 ICE agents seek to dissolve ICE)


6/28/18 (ICE nabs lawful permanent resident)


6/28/18 (call to abolish ICE)


6/28/18 )immigrant children young as 3 forced into court hearings)


6/28/18 (warning government ill equipped to reunite families - radio)


6/28/18 (detention wrong from asylum seekers – alternatives and cost)


6/29/18 (Palestinian child detention)


6/29/18 (protests in Brownsville, Texas youth speak out);


6/29/18 (immigrant farmers)


6/29/18 (ICE criminal investigators ask to be distanced from detentions- letter to Nielsen); (open letter)


6/29/18 (Mexico on immigration)


6/29/18 (Corporations behind Muslim ban)


6/29/18 (US bears responsibility for the immigration crisis – climate change migration)


6/30/18 (thousands march against family separations)


6/30/18 (call to abolish ICE)


6/30/18 (cost to be smuggled across border)


6/30/18 (thousands protest separation of migrant families in 700 plus demos – with video)


6/30/18 (cruelty of cages and desert)


6/30/18 (Spain’s migrant population grows)


7/1/18 (Kids in immigration court: life and death consequences – video)


7/2/18 (humanitarian crisis – lawyer interview)


7/2/18 (how immigration court works)


7/2/18 (asylum seekers wait in terrible heat told US is “full”)


7/2/18 (Denaturalization Task Force)


7/2/18 (welcome Central American immigrants – history of how we invaded them)


7/2/18 (legislation to abolish ICE)


7/2/18 (the Border and the American Imagination – latest horror history of atrocities)


7/3/18 (call to abolish ICE)


7/3/18 (church puts holy family in detention)


7/3/18 (Honduran father moved closer to son in detention)


7/3/18 (kids try to deliver books to kids in detention)


7/3/18 (protesters clash with police at detention center)


7/3/18 (why abolish ICE)


7/3/18 (NJ to help provide lawyers to immigrants)


7/4/18 (Frederick Douglass’ words “The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro” also for immigrants and refugees)


7/4/18 (contractors housing migrant children familiar to Trump’s inner circle)


7/5/18 (asylum seekers win in court)


7/5/18 (Trump accused of criminalizing migration)


7/5/18 (detained mothers organize to find their kids)


7/5/18 (agents take DNA samples)


7/5/18 (concentration camps as tent cities in US?)


7/5/18 (data - border data shows “zero tolerance” didn’t deter migrants)


7/5/18 (Statue of Liberty protest to abolish ICE)


7/5/18 (scramble to reunify children with parents)


7/5/18 (flow of migrants challenges European ideals)


7/6/18 (Northeastern under fire for millions from ICE)


7/6/18 (families reunited)


7/6/18 (Statue of Liberty protest climber)


7/6/18 (inside migrant shelter class)


7/6/18 (Admin asks for more time to reunite families)


7/6/18 (Sacramento ICE contract canceled)


7/6/18 (resisting attacks on TPS)


7/7/18 (US Army discharges immigrants)


7/9/18 (history – roots of refugee crisis)


7/9/18 (military contractor holds migrant children in secret jail)


7/9/18 (Trump punishes cartel’s victims not members)


7/9/18 (Grandmothers caravan from NY to Tx responds)


7/10/18 (government misses deadline parents desperate)


7/11/18 (what does abolish ICE mean?)


7/11/18 (tearful scenes during reunions of separated families)


7/11/18 (policy for Reasonable fear, Credible Fear, Asylum, Refugee claims)


7/11/18 (DACA teacher on trauma of undocumented students)


7/12/18 (immigrant detainees sue ICE)


7/12/18 (What is behind the Sudden Surge of Child Migrants? The Case of the Northern Triangle and Mexico - statistics)


7/13/18 (over 600 migrants drowned crossing Mediterranean)


7/13/18 (new asylum guidelines)


7/13/18 (report from reunited mother separated from 3-year old)


7/13/18 (man dies of suicide in detention)


7/13/18 (immigrant moms hold hunger strike to get calls to separated children)


7/13/18 (a migrant mother’s wait for reunion)


7/13/18 (Central American kids come to the US fleeing record-high youth murder rates at home - statistics)


7/14/18 (a migrant child’s days in detention)


7/15/18 (judge blasts HSS for endangering children)


7/16/18 (Zero tolerance not working report)


7/16/18 (Judge halts deportation of reunited migrant families and video)


7/17/18 (breakthrough in UN resolution to end child detention)


7/17/18 (defending undocumented nannies, house cleaners, caregivers)


7/17/18 (Immigration, Lot of Myths and Little Reality)


7/18/18 (reunited father talks of how 3 year old son had changed - trauma)


7/18/19 (ICE contracts canceled)


7/19/18 (abuse of immigrant children in Chicago non-profit)


7/19/18 (detention of children billion dollar industry)


7/19/18 (WWII concentration victims outrages at family separations)


7/19/18 (policy change – visa denial, deportation)


7/19/18 (remembering Haitian internment)


7/19/18 (A Syrian Epic by Muhammad Umar J. Salimi)


7/20/18 (trauma and long-term recovery for separated families)


7/20/18 (ICE arrests mother and son at domestic-violation trial)


7/20/18 (ICE Capades: Dispatches from a government agency in its tumultuous teenage years -podcast and transcript);


7/21/18 (Corporations behind Muslim ban)


7/23/18 (arrest of 24 yr. old mon paying traffic ticket)


7/23/18 (US military ordered to host immigrant concentration camps)


7/24/18 (up to 463 parents of separated children were deported)


7/24/18 (SPLC sues DHS for unconstitutional arrests and detaining of immigrants)


7/25/18 (judge demands transparency in reunification of separated families)


7/25/18 (roots of US immigration crackdown – history)


7/25/18 (asylum seekers sue ICE for attacking hunger strike)


7/26/18 (deadline passes and 900 plus parents and children still not reunited)


7/26/18 (trauma of child separation and travel ban)


7/26/18 (arrests at protest of bank ties to immigration detention)


7/26/18 (Hundreds of refugees scale barbed wire fence to get to Spain from Africa)


7/26/18 (700 kids still not reunited after deadline)


7/26/18 (Venezuela’s migration)


7/27/18 (Noam Chompsky speaks on brutality of separation -history)


7/27/18 (asylum seekers sue ICE)


7/27/18 (post deadline separation hundreds remain separated)


7/30/18 (dangerous path - human traffickers Nigerian migration)


*7/30/18 (dream of a world without borders)


7/30/18 (Changes in immigration policy)


7/31/18 (trauma of separation);


7/31/18 (multimillion dollar business in migrant children)


7/31/18 (dangerous routes migrants take to US)


7/31/18 (5-year old migrant rejoins mother, he’s not the same)


July/August Issue (the 52-Stare Strategy: Puerto Rico)


8/1/18 (another reduction of refugees proposed)


8/1/18 (immigrant child dies after leaving ICE custody)


8/1/18 (trauma in classroom – how to deal)


8/2/18 (asylum seekers challenged at port of entry)


8/2/18 (sexual abuse of eight unaccompanied minors)


8/3/18 (deportation of military vet’s wife)


8/3/18 (Mexican journalist denounces ICE “concentration camps”)


8/3/18 (strike in Texas immigration jail)


8/4/18 (census and citizenship question)


8/6/18 (Gary, IN airport protests of deportations)


8/6/18 (ICE’s private-prison threatens to sue civil rights activists)


8/6/18 (Workers resist family separation)


8/6/18 (case against abolishing ICE)


8/6/18 (Wall could run up billions in unforeseen costs watchdog report warns)


8/6/18 (Hate in Schools: An In-Depth Look)


8/7/18 (Dream defenders protest GEO Group private prison corporation profiting from children)


8/7/18 (Head of US Citizenship and Immigration services to appear at hate group event)


8/7/18 (ACLU sues Sessions over restricting asylum)


8/7/18 (celebrities instagram campaign “Dear Ivanka” about child separations)


8/8/18 (Mexican family of teenager killed on border can sue)


8/8/18 (ICE denies van crash full of separated mothers)


8/8/18 (economic and cultural impact of immigrant population in conservative Kansas)


8/9/18 (Judge orders plane with deported mom and child to turn back to US);


8/9/18 (Melania Trump’s parents become US citizens using “chain migration” Trump wants to eliminate)


8/9/18 (Trump’s proposal to punish immigrants who receive public benefits)


8/9/18 (Why do people in this country hate us so much? Undocumented immigrants)


8/10/18 (benefits of trauma-informed schools)


8/10/18 (travel ban prevents Iranian woman life-saving treatment)  


8/10/18 (still 559 separated families)


8/13/18 (revealing story about anti-immigrant policy maker Stephen Miller)


8/14/18 (White House Residents Directly Benefit from America’s Generous Immigration Policy)


8/15/18 (Children still separated at border 3 weeks after court ruling)


8/15/18 (possible military cover up – 100’s migrants feared dead)


8/15/18 (immigrant activist comments on possible pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpio)


8/15/18 (Federal agencies plan to “trap” and deport immigrants)'trap'-to-deport-immigrants


8/15/18 (Naturalized Americans could lose citizenship)


8/15/18 (Chief of Immigration agency helping ICE)


8/15/18 (Samantha Bee with Immigrants Make Our Food)


8/15/18 (ethics of refugees)


8/15/18 (Trump slashes refugee quota dismantling resettlement system)


8/16/18 (Stranded rescue ship with 141 migrants allowed to land in Malta)


8/16/18 (Rapid-response network defending immigrant workers)


8/17/18 (How to defend workers against immigration raids)


8/18/18 (How ICE went rogue– September issue)


8/20/18 (ICE arrests husband taking pregnant wife to hospital – with video)


8/20/18 (ICE Guards separate fathers and sons just reunited)


8/20/18 (cities issue IDs to protect undocumented immigrants)


8/21/18 (Trump policy targets families with American children as they return to school)


8/22/18 (collection of data for immigrant surveillance and deportation machine)


8/23/18 (ICE detainees join nationwide prison strike)


8/23/18 (Asylum seekers denied entry to Italy, beaten in Croatia)


8/23/18 (immigrants detained in private prison facilities exploited and in danger – prison labor)


8/24/18 (Texas Democrats for decriminalizing immigration)


8/24/18 (hundreds of immigrant children remain separated, some under 5 years old)


8/24/18 (An immigrant family hides – no one is safer, no one is served – Church Sanctuary)


8/28/18 (National shame: The Trump Administration’s Separation and Detention of Migrant Families – report toxic stress) https://www.wola.åorg/analysis/national-shame-trump-administrations-separation-detention-migrant-families/


8/28/18 (Dept. of Homeland Security DHS employee linked to white nationalist group)


8/28/18 (Undocumented immigrants pay billions of dollars in federal taxes each year)


8/29/18 (Arrests in courtrooms escalate feud on immigration policy)


8/29/18 (conflict of interest in private prisons)


8/30/18 (Angry anti-immigrant neo-Nazi mob in East Germany)


8/30/19 (Trump administration jailing passport applicants with U.S. birth certificates)


8/30/18 (DHS hired Policy analyst with history of radical anti-immigrant writings)


8/30/18 (How Texas cops turn mental health crisis into deportation)


8/30/18 (Palestinian refugees)


9/1/18 (Mollie Tibbitts’ father begs “Don’t distort her death to advance racist views.”)


9/2/18 (Despite Outrage Over Immigrant Detention, Private Prisons’ Bottom Line Is Still Strong)


9/3/18 (immigrants fearing crackdown drop out of nutrition program)


9/4/18 (50,000 attend anti-racism concert in Chemnitz, Germany)


9/4/18 (anti-immigrant hate group demonstration)


9/6/18 (call for immigration amnesty)


9/6/18 (kids held in detention contemplate escape, even suicide -trauma)


9/7/18 (Trump trying to overturn Flores child protection laws to detain immigrant children indefinitely)


9/7/18 (Migrants as messengers explain the dangers of irregular migration- Senegalese hip-hop singer)


9/12/18 ($10 million diverted from FEMA to pay for Immigrant Detention Centers)


9/12/18 (Stephen Miller’s former rabbi slams him for his anti-immigrant family separation policy)


9/12/18 (Trump to triple size of Texas desert tent camp for migrant children)


9/12/18 (more migrant children detained now than ever before)


9/12/18 (Trump condemned over “blatantly false” claims about Puerto Rico hurricane)


9/12/18 (Acting ICE Director attends anti-immigrant hate group event)


9/12/13 (detention of migrant children skyrocketed)


9/12/18 (rural communities get economic boost from immigrant population)


9/13/18 (major victory for some migrant families allowed to apply for asylum);


9/14/18 (report from the Mexico-US border)


9/16/18 (racial illiteracy)


9/17/18 (ICE agent serial killer)


9/17/18 (thousands of deportation cases may be tossed)


9/18/18 (immigrants seeking shelter from hurricane fear deportation as FEMA shifts funds to ICE)


9/18/18 (historic low number of refugees permitted in US)


9/19/18 (Immigrant woman takes charge of United Farm Workers)


9/19/18 (Guatemalan village tells the story of immigration to the US)


9/20/18 (history of how private prisons profit from immigrant detention centers)


9/20/18 (ICE arresting undocumented immigrants sponsors caring for children in detention)


9/21/18 (what do you do with racist remarks?)


9/22/18 (immigration crackdown makes women afraid to testify about abuse)


9/22/18 (new town, new school, theater experience for undocumented teen)


9/24/18 (new crackdown on immigrants);


9/24/18 (immigrant detainee called ICE hotline before killing self in isolation cell)


9/25/18 (Puerto Rico -nothing natural about this natural disaster)


9/27/18 (the shadowy network shaping Trump’s anti-immigrant policies – exposure of right wing groups)


9/28/18 (“Journey 4 Justice” to save TPS)


9/30/18 (migrant children moved undercover to Texas tent city – numbers increase fivefold plus)


9/30/18 (deported father was tricked and made desperate attempt to reunite with son)


September/October (Looking at the Root Cause of Migration – Migration a form of Fighting Back)


10/1/18 (what’s behind move of thousands of unaccompanied minors to tent city)


10/1/18 (Private prisons cashing in on deportation -exposure of horrible conditions - video)


10/2/18 (16,000 kids to Tx tent city hits record high ACLU tal1// Kavanaugh’s prior action )


10/2/18 (A story of Immigration, Fear and Fortitude – American Girl)


10/3/18 (Educational Justice in America)


10/3/18 (Homeland Security report states not prepared for Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy)


10/3/18 (“Zero Tolerance” pushed asylum seekers to cross illegally DHS report)


10/4/18 (Federal judge blocks ending of Temporary Protective Status – for now);


10/4/18 (UN Human Rights Council adopts landmark declaration of peasant rights)


10/4/18 (safe house for abused Latina immigrants turning homes into shelters)


10/4/18 (suggestions for fixing the broken H-1B visa system)


10/9/18 (Deported parents could lose children to US adoption);


10/10/18 (Abolish ICE: Beyond the slogan)


10/11/18 (US checking immigrant kids’ teeth for adult detention – disputed science)


10/11/81 (Senegal’s migrant returnees become storytellers)


10/12/18 (Archbishop Oscar Romero Declared a Saint – Honoring his call for justice in US and El Salvador?)


10/13/18 (America’s era of climate migration)


10/13/18 (Archbishop Oscar Romero canonization as Saint – El Salvador)


10/14/18 (22 migrants killed in truck accident)


10/15/18 (Trump hints at resuming family separation policy)


10/16/18 (Caravan of 1,600 migrants from Honduras make way to US border)


10/16/18 (Trump threatens to end Honduran aid as caravan nears); (with video)


10/16/18 (History – 1917 Food Riots Led by Immigrant Women)


10/17/18 (Bartolo Fuentes, law maker organizer of Caravan, deported to Honduras)


10/17/18 (Climate change and staggering migration-refugee crisis–50 million by 2020–Science)


10/18/18 (Unions can protect workers from deportation)


10/19/18 (from inside the caravan of 3000 from Honduras – why people chose this route)


10/19/18 (Why the White House is having a meltdown over the Caravan)


10/19/18 (after ICE raid a shortage of welders in Tigertown, Texas)


10/20/18 (Migrant to Trump: We’re workers, not criminals) CNN video


10/21/18 (Central American Caravan stretches many miles, 7000-strong)


10/22/18 (9 Questions and Answers about Central American Caravan)


10/22/18 (In Central America, gangs like MS-13 are bad – but corrupt politicians may be worse)


10/22/18 (When the nation closes its doors to refugees, schools can open them)


10/23/18 (US helped destabilize Honduras and now migrants flee the crisis)


10/23/18 (Caravan challenge to the integrity of US borders)


10/23/18 (Trump calls o military to deploy to the southern border)


10/24/18 (ICE connection with Tech Giants Amazon, Palantir, Microsoft, etc.)


10/24/18 (France: Police evict asylum seekers from refugee camp)


10/24/18 (stories from the largest detention center in Gulf South)


10/25/18 (Undocumented workers pay billions of dollars in federal taxes every year)


10/25/18 (How US policy in Honduras set the stage for today” migration - history)


10/26/18 (Mexicans shower Caravan migrants with support)


10.26/18 (Why Votig for Immigration Reform is Critical for Korean Americans)


10/27/18 (truth about the Caravan)


10/28/18 (Trump’s Caravan Hysteria Led to This)


10/30/18 (The unseen driver behind the migrant caravan: climate change)

10/30/18 (What US citizenship actually gets you: the good and the bad)


10/31/18 (How African Americans Fought and Won Birthright Citizenship 150 years ago)


10/31/18 (migrant teen traveling in caravan without parents faces agonizing choice)


10/31/18 (climate change driving refugees)


11/1/18 (Multiple Caravans of Central Americans coming to US border humanitarian concern); (threats to send thousands off troops to border)


11/1/18 (not the first time white supremacists tried to cancel birthright citizenship)


11/1/18 (Undocumented immigrants say a better life – not children’s citizenship- the main reason they come to Texas)


11/2/18 (Noam Chomsky on Migrant Caravan – History)


11/2/18 (Migrant Caravan reality)


11/2/18 (4 myths about how immigrants affect the economy)


11/2/18 (Facts, not fears: Four myths about the mass exodus from Central America)


11/2/18 (An ‘invasion of illegal aliens’: The oldest immigration fear-mongering metaphor in America)


11/2/18 (ICE Arrests at NYC Courthouse are increasing- This Video Captures One)


11/4/18 (Speak Your Truth, Send a Message)


11/5/18 (impossible life of a judge on US immigration frontline)


11/5/18 (Latino voter suppression not new)


11/5/18 (Migrant caravan: What is it an why does it matter)


11/6/18 (Immigrant Children Shouldn’t Live in a Climate of Fear - blog by Reyna Grande)


11/7/18 (Immigration crisis Sessions leaves behind)


11/7/18 (Ilhan Omar, first Muslim woman refugee elected to congress)


11/7/18 (Immigrant children find hope in soccer, but some states won’t let them play)


11/9/18 (Court ruled trump cannot end DACA)


11/9/18 (Trump to end asylum for migrants entering US outside ports of entry)


11/9/18 (Border analysis- graphs and charts)


11/12/18 (US rabbis to lead pilgrimage to border to protest treatment of migrants)


11/13/18 (following the stories on the Caravan)


11/13/18 (US pastor who joined C.A. Caravan)


11/13/18 (food insecurity among new immigrant families has nearly doubled in the las decade)


11/14/18 (Advocates: creating border crisis pitting troops against women and children)


11/14/18 (militarization of border – interview)


11/14/18 (“Sanctuary Caravan” mobilizes to Border)


11/15/18 (Vermont immigrant rights group sues ICE)


11/15/18 (Deadly crossing – migrants who die crossing the border)


11/16/18 (Central American LGBT migrants face additional hurdles on journey in Caravan)


11/16/18 (How to address the issue of immigration at the holiday dinner table)


11/16/18 (video from AFSC with the Caravan)


11/16/18 (Nominee for ICE Director refuses to back down on family separation)

11/16/18 (How to unseat an ICE-collaborating sheriff)

11/16/18 (When do we talk about the migrant caravan? Now: 5 ways to discuss what’s happening at the US-Mexico border)

11/17/18 (Migration Advocate Calls COP23 to Address Climate Chane Displacement)

11/18/18 (He Died Giving a Voice to Chile’s Poor. Quest for Justice Took Decades.) video from Retro Report NY Time

11/18/18 (Migrant caravan yards away from US border, but long wait lies ahead)


11/19/18 (Migrant caravan: Mexican border city Tijuana protests)


11/19/18 (Libya: Asylum-seekers refuse to leave docked ship, citing torture)


11/19/18 (Administration admits border deployment was a $200 million election stunt)


11/19/18 (Trump’s military deployment to US-Mexican border is illegal)


11/19/18 (inside the migrant camp in Tijuana, Mexico)


11/20/18 (Federal judge blocks “Asylum Ban”)


11/20/18 (maps of climate change related to Central American caravan)


11/21/18 (Texas ICE jail releases 29 families)


11/21/18 (DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen warns migrant caravan)


11/22/18 (Members of Migrant Caravan Are Fleeing from Misery & Horrors Created by the US)


11/24/18 (Mexico mulls letting migrants from caravans stay pending US asylum bids) 


11/24/18 (In Honduras, “We’re Supporting the Axe Murderers”)


11/25/18 (migrants run to US Border in Tijuana but fall back in face of tear gas – US crosses borders)


11/25/18 (Mexico to deport almost 500 migrants who attempted to storm US border)


11/25/18 (Mexico denies making border deal)


11/26/18 (Teargassing migrants is inhumane, unconstitutional, immoral);


11/26/18 (Border patrol officer who shot teem acquitted of manslaughter charge)


11/26/18 (NC: ICE arrests immigrant who left church sanctuary)


11/26/18 (Trump Is Forging His Own Gaza on the Southern Border)


11/26/18 (a march at the US-Mexico border descended into tear gas and chaos)


11/27/18 (How Climate Change-Fueled Drought & US-Fed Violence Are Driving Thousands from Central America).


11/27/18 (No warning before US Border Patrol started tear gassing asylum seekers)


11/27/18 (Chef José Andrés of World Central Kitchen serving food in disaster areas-after María storm in Puerto Rico, etc. nominated for Nobel Peace Prize)


11/27/18 (Why the Migrant Caravan Story Is a Climate Change Story)


11/28/18 (How US backed coup in Honduras fueled migrant crisis & Brother of Honduran President arrested in US for drug trafficking & weapons offenses);


11/28/18 (US waived background checks for staff at jail for migrant children)


11/28/18 (tear gas became a favorite weapon of US Border Patrol, despite being banned in warfare)


11/28/18 (After long, dangerous journey, this migrant’s dream may end in Tijuana)


11/29/18 (History of immigration reforms and relations with unions)


11/30/18 (Migrant caravan members organize for fair treatment- start hunger strike)


11/30/18 (DHS other federal agencies to send civilian law enforcement to border)


11/30/18 (How You Can Help as Migrant Caravans Arrive at US Border - update)


11/30/18 (It’s Never ‘Just the Immigrants’- history)


11/30/18 (After 23 Years of Waiting, Rohingya Refugee Builds New Life in Chicago)


11/30/18 (An Indian Entrepreneur’s Unexpected Exercise Innovation)


12/3/18 (A New Moral Imagination on Immigration by Pramila Jayapal) from the NY Review of Books


12/3/18 (Shutting Down the Government for a Border Wall Is Like Burning Down Your Own House)


12/3/18 (Hundreds of thousands of people could lose their legal status. One hopes to graduate with his college degree first – podcast and report);


12/4/18 (attempts to destroy 14th Amendment’s guarantee of birthright citizenship)


12/4/18 (Europe’s History With Refugees Has Something to Tell the US)


12/5/18 (corruption: Florida senator takes cushy job with GEO Group of private detention centers that heavily funded his campaign)


12/6/18 (mysterious imposter account of Facebook to drum up support of immigrant caravan)


12/6/18 (dozens still affected by family separation at border)


12/6/18 (history of immigration policy - Undocumented wasn’t always a crime. How it changed.)


12/6/18 (How “femicide” drove the caravan)


12/6/18 (Puerto Rico “I know there’s a path”)


12/10/18 (How many more migrants and refugees can we expect out of Venezuela?)


12/11/18 (Faith leaders in support of migrants arrested at border)


12/11/18 (One suspected driver of migrant caravan: climate change)


12/12/18 (ICE arrested 170 Potential Sponsors for Unaccompanied Migrant Minors)


12/12/18 (Top 6 reasons not to fund the wall)


12/12/18 (Migrant kids held in mass shelters)


12/12/18 (How the Migrant Caravan Built Its Own Democracy)


12/13/18 (Refugee Caravan: Lots of Coverage, Little Context)


12/13/18 (7-yr. -old migrant girl taken into Border Patrol custody dies)


12/13/18 (Why Hondurans See Migration as an Act of Civil Disobedience)


12/14/18 (Chicago charter teachers win strike for equal pay and sanctuary)


12/16/18 (In Roma, Texas residents must choose: Help Border Patrol, or border crossers?)


12/17/18 (Volunteer Report from the Migrant Caravan)


12/17/18 (Visitor’s Guide to America’s Big Brother Wall)


12/17/18 (Nation’s Top Teachers Will Hold ‘Teach In’ at Child Detention Camp)


12/17/18 (Grandmothers Bring Food and Comfort to Asylum-Seekers at Bus Stations)


12/18/18 (Honduran mom and children in viral tear gas photo allowed entry to US)


12/18/18 (International Migration Day: Climate Migration is Here); (video)


12/18/18 (‘Barbed wire-plus’: Borders know no love- Across Europe and US)


12/18/18 (ICE Detained the Wrong Peter Brown)


12/19/18 (Lawmakers Demand Answers in Death of 7-Year Old Girl in Border Patrol Custody) åttps://


12/19/18 (How US Policies Punished Central Americans, Long Before Jakelin Caal Maquin’s Death)


12/19/18 (Mental Health Experts & Rights Groups Call for Unceasing Media Coverage of Separated Migrant Children)


12/19/18 (Cambodians Who Fled War, US Bombs and Genocide Face ICE Raids, Deportations)


12/19/18 (Judge strikes down bulk of Trump asylum policy)


12/19/18 (Times Square billboard calls out migrant deaths, slams border wall)


12/19/18 (We warned DHS that migrant children could die in custody in 2014. Now one has.)


12/19/18 (Migrant Life at the US Border: 24 Hours in Photos)


12/20/18 (New census data reinforces how central immigration is to population growth in the US)


12/20/18 (US says asylum seekers to be sent back to Mexico for duration of immigration proceedings)


12/20/18 (HHS Relaxes Sponsorship Requirements for Migrant Children in Gov’t Custody)


12/20/18 (Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal Presents Christmas On I.C.E.);


12/20/18 (Asylum seekers face long waits or risky crossings, supposed capacity crunch)


12/21/18 (Remembering the caravan: 5 essential reads that show the desperation of Central American migrants)


12/21/18 (Are Border Children a Refugee Crisis for the US? Update from 6/3/14)


12/21/18 (In Immigrant Children’s Shelters, Sexual Assault Cases Are Open and Shut)


12/24/18 (ICE Dumps Hundreds of Migrants at El Paso Bus Station Around Christmas)


12/26/18 (8-Year-Old Guatemalan Boy Dies in Border Patrol Custody Days After High Court Rejects Asylum Ban)


12/26/18 (‘A detention center is no place for a child’ and 8-yer-old migrant boy dies in US custody)


12/26/18 (opinion: Georgia denies migrants equal access to higher education)


12/26/18 (Salvadoran Girl Whose Cries Highlighted the Cruelty of Family Separation Policy E

embraces New Life)


12/27/18 (He Drew His School Mascot–and ICE Labeled Him a Gang Member-case study)


12/28/18 (The Problem with Border Security – history)


12/28/18 (Trump used her slain daughter to rail against immigration) Trump used her slain daughter to rail against illegal immigration. She chose a different path.


12/28/18 (What’s It Like for an Immigrant Child to Have a Glimpse of the American Dream, Then Have It Taken Away?)


12/28/18 (Massachusetts immigration activist Eduardo Samaniego denied release on bond from ICE)


12/29/18 (Trump Blames Democrats Over Deaths of Migrant Children in US Custody)


1/1/19 (Migrant children allegedly abused at AZ shelter)


1/2/19 (US fires tear gas at migrants at Mexico border)


1/3/19 (Salvadoran mother facing deportation finds sanctuary in Maryland church)


1/3/19 (Washington Trained Guatemala’s Mass Murderers–and the Border Patrol Played a Role – history)


1/3/19 (How the UN migration pact got trolled)


1/3/19 (Let’s Talk About Migrant Caravans)


1/4/19 (Christmas in Tornillo: Activists, Lawmakers Demand Trump Shut Down Prison Camp for Migrant Children)


1/4/19 (Trump Administration Wants to Send More Troops to Border)


1/4/19 (Migrants stranded at sea)


1/4/19 (Dreamer and Rhodes Scholar fears he can’t return to US)


1/4/19 (What I learned being part of the sanctuary caravan)


1/6/19 (22 immigrants died in ICE detention centers during the past 2 years)


1/6/19 (Donald Trump’s Failure to Address the Real Crisis at the Border)


1/7/19 (Pope Francis calls for ‘solidarity’ with migrants stranded at sea)


1/7/19 (Trial begins in NYC to revoke TPS for Haitians)


1/7/19 (Refugee girls want to improve the world. Will we let them do so?)


1/7/19 (Newly Released FOIA Documents Shed Light on Border Patrol’s Seemingly Limitless Authority)


1/8/19 (Illegal immigrant activist who resisted racial profiling detained by ICE in Maryland)


1/8/19 (‘Crisis” data at the border)


1/9/19 (Brazil joins US to withdraw from UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration)


1/9/19 (Forget the birder wall, a coup in Guatemala is the real emergency)


1/9/19 (Cuban migration in 2018)


1/10/19 (A wall can’t fix what global migration and refugee compacts can - law)


1/10/19 (Chef Tunde Wey’s New Dinner Series Seeks to Wed Immigrants with American Citizens)


1/11/19 (photos report from the border)


11/11/19 (Trump Claims There Is a Crisis at the Border. What’s the Reality? charts)


1/11/19 (Tornillo, TX no migrant children remain in tent shelter as it closes)


1/11/19 (Scott Warren Case is Part of a Crackdown on Aid to Migrants)


1/12/19 (Inside Tornillo: Teen seeking asylum compares Texas detention center to ‘”prison”)


1/12/19 (Fact-Check: Explaining Trump’s Tweet on Crimes by Immigrants)


1/12/19 (Mahira Patkovich: A Refugee Rises)


1/13/19 (How Not to Build a “Great, Great Wall”: A Timeline of Border Fortification – history)


1/14/19 (Into a Crueler America: Two Border Crossings, 30 Years Part – by Reyna Grande)


1/15/19 (In Rebuke of Trump’s Effort to ‘Weaponize’ 2020 Census Against Immigrants)


1/15/19 (Poland Mayor, Defender of Immigrant Rights, Dies After Public Stabbing)


1/15/19 (Designers Want to Build Golden Wall Around Mar-a-Lago to “Keep the ‘Bad Guys’ In”)


1/16/19 (Manufacturing illegality: An Interview with Mae Ngai: Reflects on how a century of immigration law created a crisis – history immigration policy)


1/16/19 (This Isn’t a Border Wall: It’s a Monument to White Supremacy)


1/16/19 (How Americans dee illegal immigration, the border wall and political compromise - research)


1/17/19 (Essay from afterward of the memoir The Line Becomes a River by Francisco Cantú, a former agent of the Border Patrol)


1/17/19 (Family Separation May Have Hit Thousands More Migrant Children Than Reported)


1/17/19 (Welcome to El Paso)


1/18/19 (Delivering DefundHate petition to Congress)


1/18/19 (US veteran ended up in ICE custody)


1/18/19 (Why we may never know the true number of family separations)


1/19/19 (My Mother’s Secrets by Helen Zia -immigration story)


1/21/19 (Poor southerners are joining the globe’s climate migrants – climate change)


1/22/19 (What a Night in Border Patrol Custody Taught Me About How We Treat Migrants)


1/22/19 (Immigrant Children Being Used As ‘Bait’ To Arrest Sponsors, Class Action SLawsuit Alleges)


1/22/19 (Bringing Greener Pastures Back Home: Combating Desertification and Drought – climate change)


1/23/19 (Activists Gather at Arizona Capitol to Lobby for Criminal Justice Reform – radio)


1/23/19 (Missing)


1/23/19 (The Weather and the Wall: Climate Change and the Border)


1/25/19 (U.S. set to send first group of asylum seekers back to Mexico)


1/25/19 (Mexico Protests U.S. Decision to Return Asylum Seekers)


1/27/19 (angry impressive immigration docudrama-The Infiltrators review)


1/28/19 (Rome: Where Migrants Face Eviction as Fascists Find a Home)


1/28/19 (How a Teen’s Death Has Become a Political Weapon: When a refuge killed a 14-year-old girl, Germany’s far right saw opportunity)


1/28/19 (Kids in Miami Migrant Camp Use as “Bait” to Catch Adult Sponsors, Civil Rights Group Days in Lawsuit)


1/28/19 (Report: Lies, Chaos and Abuse at ICE Contractor Lockup)


1/28/19 (Immigrants impacted by government shutdown could wait until 2023 for court)


1/29/19 (Waiting with Immigrants)


1/29/19 (Trump administration begins returning asylum seekers to Mexico)


1/29/19 (Pentagon: Several thousand more troops to Mexico border)


1/29/19 (Gone in a Generation: How Climate Change is Disrupting American Lives – graphics)


1/29/19 (An Asylum Seeker’s Quest to Get Her Toddler Back: new video shows emotional toll of ongoing family separations)


1/31/19 (ICE Ran a Fake University in Michigan as a Sting Operation)


1/31/19 (World Health Organization Warns of Dire Conditions, Deaths of 29 Children At Refugee Camp)


1/31/19 (Here’s a Better Way to Spend $5.8 Billion at the Border)


1/31/19 (The Cities Refugees Saved)


1/31/19 (The Deported Americans More than 600,000 US born children of undocumented parents live in Mexico)


2/1/19 (ICE Force-feeding Immigrant Detainees on Hunger Strike)


2/1/19 (Deportation Is an Emergency. Here’s One Coalition’s Way of Fighting It.)


2/1/19 (Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, Tlaib and Omar Call for Cuts to ICE Funding)


2/1/19 (Ice failed to penalize contract immigration jails with thousands of safety and rights violations)


2/1/19 (Immigrant rights attorneys and journalists denied entry into Mexico)


2/2/19 (Trump Admin Says It’s Too Hard to Reunite Thousands of Separated Families: Court Filing


2/5/19 (humanitarian crisis at the border)


2/6/19 (WATCH: Trump’s family separation policy under scrutiny in House hearing)


2/6/19 (How Trump has already changes immigration policy)


2/7/19 (Victorina Morales, an Undocumented Immigrant was Trump’s Housekeeper- interview)


2/8/19 (State Sponsored Child Abuse p Separated Migrant Children Scandal Grows- interview)


2/8/19 (Hedge Funds Win, Puerto Ricans Lose in First Debt Restructuring Deal)


2/8/19 (Video of Pramila Jayapal Grilling Acting AG on Family Separations)


2/8/19 (Armed kidnapping scheme targets undocumented immigrants, police say)


2/8/19 (Why the Wall Will Never Rise)


2/8/19 (She was born in the US. Her TPS parents weren’t)


2/11/19 (Immigrants from Honduras, Nepal sue U.S. for ending TPS, allege it was racially motivated)


2/11/19 (‘Inexplicable cruelty”: US government sued over family separations at border)


2/11/19 (Buscan solución permanente al TPS - in Spanish interviews from play)


 2/12/19 (Real Life Informs a Tense Trip in ‘Lost Children Archive’)


2/12/19 (Dueling Rallies and the Uncertain Future of the Wall)


2/12/19 (Annunciation House shelter still receives calls each week abot new cases of separations in El Paso)


2/12/19 (America’s Toughest Immigration Court: Welcome to Stewart Detention Center, the black hole of the immigration system)


2/13/19 (Australia to reopen offshore detention camp after losing vote)


2/13/19 (Being an Immigration Judge Was Their Dream. Under Trump, It Became Untenable.)


2/14/19 (Immigration advocates sued The Dept. of Homeland Security over its “Remain in Mexico” policy)


2/14/19 (Children of TPS join marchers in Washington by staging urgent play: ‘Will somebody please help me?’)


2/15/19 (response to emergency funding for the wall “Attack on Democracy” “No Racist Wall, No Power Grab”)


2/15/19 (Trump’s National Emergency Crete a Real Border Crisis–for Families, Wildlife, Protected Lands)


2/16/19 (Trump emergency order, as GOP splinters)


2/17/19 (Transgender woman deported from US murdered in EL Salvador)


2/18/19 (Third migrant dies in Border Patrol custody since December)


 2/18/19 (Hundreds of Teachers Hold ‘Teach-In’ to Protest Detention of Immigrant Children)


2/20/19 (Mumps Confirmed Art ICE Facility Amid Capacity Increase)


2/21/19 (Workers sue US immigration authorities over Tennessee raid)


2/22/19 (Feds drop charges against border aid volunteers in Tucson)


2/26/19 (HHS docs show thousands of alleged incidents of sexual abuse against unaccompanied minors in custody)


2/26/19 (Former Trump refugee director did not notify superiors about family separation warnings)


2/27/19 (At least 4,500 Migrant Children claim Abuse At U.S. Government -Funded Shelters);


2/28/19 (I lost my mother tongue .. and almost my mom)


2/28/19 (Border Wall Trumped by Art and Community)


2/28/19 (Behind the gates of Steward Detention Center)


3/3/19 (20 deported migrant parents return to US hoping to reunite with their children and seek asylum)


3/5/19 (Worse than the wall)


3/6/19 (ICE has released at least 15 of the 17 babies detained in Dilley, TX)


3/6/19 (US Government Tracking Journalists and Immigration Advocates Through a Database)


3/6/19 (ICE Kept Tabs on ‘Anti-Trump’ Protesters in NYC)


3/8/19 (Judge Says Government May Have to Reunite ore Migrant Families Separated at Border)


3/8/19 (Deportation Looms and a Father Prepares to Say Goodbye)


3/9/19 (Children of Undocumented Immigrants Live In An Emotional Prison -trauma)


3/10/19 (The US tracked border activists, journalists and attorneys. Is it legal?)


3/12/19 (House Democrats introduce bill to offer 2.5 million immigrants chance at permanent status)


3/12/19 (Trump Administration Plans to Close Key Immigration Operations Abroad)


3/13/19 (ICE uses mass data base for surveillance)


3/14/19 (Part of Us: A Data-Driven Look at Children of Immigrants- ¼ of US Children Are Children of Immigrants);


3/14/19 (Visualizing Trends for Children of Immigrants)


3/14/19 (How My Mother Inspired Me to Become an Immigration Lawyer)


3/15/19 (Immigration activist takes sanctuary in Denver church)


3/15/19 (Trump Issues First Veto After Congress Rejects Border Emergency)


3/18/19 (US Government uses several clandestine shelters to detain immigrant children)


3/18/19 (Trump Crackdown Unnerves Immigrants and the Farmers Who Rely on Them)


3/19/19 (Teaching Our Children To Fight ‘Baseless Hatreds’)


3/22/19 (fate of Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy);


3/24/19 (Nation of immigrants’ seder stresses inclusion in a time of division)


3/27/19 (Formerly incarcerated Japanese Americans Organize a Protest Against Family Separation)


3/28/19 (Mexican US Border at Crisis Point)


3/28/19 (Generation Z: Who They Are, in Their Own Words - the most diverse generation)



4/1/19 (Why the Real Migration Crisis Is in Central America, Not at the Southern U.S. Border)


4/1/19 (The Aid Paradox)


4/6/19 (Central American migrants: Trump attacks symptoms, ignores causes, and will make a bad situation worse)


4/7/19 (Motel 6 will pay $12 million after several locations gave their guest lists to ICE)


4/8/19 (Trump's Policy For Asylum Seekers Got Blocked By A Judge — But The Fight Isn't Over)


4/8/19 (ACLU Issues Florida Travel Advisory, Warning immigrants of ‘Possible Violation of Their Constitutional Rights’)


4/10/19 (America is not full. Its future rests with young immigrants)


4/11/19 (How the Disappearance of Immigrant Workers Created a Movement in a County That Voted for Trump)


4/11/19 (A Strange Little Section of the Border Wall)


4/12/19 (New Head of ICE)


4/12/19 (Trump Revives Idea on ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Amid Stepped Up Immigration Push)


4/12/19 (My people didn’t integrate well into America. And they were German)


4/15/19 (Why Trump’s idea to send immigrants to sanctuary cities makes no sense)


4/17/19 (Two New Tent Cities Will Be Built in Texas to Hold Migrants)


4/22/19 (As Americans spread out, immigration plays a crucial role in local population growth)


4/26/19 (Mass. Judge And Retired Court Officer Charged With Helping Defendant Evade ICE)


4/26/19 (Pentagon set to expand military role along southern border)


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