The Arts Curriculum is currently under construction. Stay tuned and click here for more information! For now, feel free to download the materials described below! 

Nightmares and Dreams: Immigrant Voices from Inside Detention

 A trilogy of narratives, plays and essays inspired by dozens of interviews with women and their children seeking asylum from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, imprisoned in Detention Centers in the US. The life stories, nightmares and dreams of the detainees are compelling.

Download Nightmares and Dreams Here - Download

Focus on Immigration: Arts, Media and Culture in Education

This course is customized to meet individual goals to create meaningful projects and/or cross-discipline curriculum focusing on immigration and social justice. It is designed to positively impact the schools and community. For additional details download description. (3 graduate credits or 3 undergraduate credits through Fitchburg State University) 

Download Fitchubrg State University Course - Download

Additional Resources

- US and El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras Timeline - Download

-Brief Bibliography of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras - Download